Crystal Champagne Informations

Crystal Champagne – What is it?

Crystal Champagne is a brand produced by Louis Roederer company.

The first bottles of Crystal were specialy created in 1876 for Nicholas of Russia, who was a fan of Roederer’s wines.

This champagne is produced from the greatest grapes of the Roederer vineyards and has a maturation process of 6 years.


Crystal Champagne History – Why did they name it “Crystal”?

Louis Roederer, the producer of this famous brand was supplying the Tsar Alexander II of Russia with champagne. But at that time the political situation was very unstable in Russia and the Tsar feared he would get killed. He ordered Roederer to send champagne using transparent clear bottles so no one could hide a bomb in one of the bottles. Since then, Roederer used only clear lead crystal champagne bottles with flat bottom. The champagne soon took the name “Cristal”. (Actually, the official name is “Cristal Champagne” instead of “Crystal Champagne”. But “Crystal Champagne” is more recognized by masses.)

Crystal champagne is the first prestige cuvee in the world. This rare vintage champagne was created in 1876, when many other big champagne brands didn’t even existed. The crystal champagne price is one of the highest prices on the market. Many years it was been produced only for elite consumers, but it became commercially available in 1945.

Crystal Champagne as Gifts

The prestige image of this former “royal-only brand” make it a great choice for premium gifts. The story behind the beautiful bottle will make your recipient feel really special. And of course, this come with a decent price.

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Crystal Champagne 1999 Louis Roderer

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Crystal Champagne Basket

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From king to bling. Crystal champagne was first been made for royalties. Nowadays,
the prestige cuvee appears on MTV, inside rappers iceboxes. Famous Hollywood figures
treasure Crystal as no other champagne. Most rappers claim to come from a poverty-
stricken childhood, and now that they have succeeded, they want everybody to know
about it, so they want to surround themselves with the shiniest precious things. Crystal
champagne seems to be one of these.

Specifics. Today a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal comes with the same flat clear bottom as back in 1867. However, more than that, nowadays it comes with an anti-UV cellophane wrapper and a gold label. The crystal champagne price raised the demand for it, since having a high price made it a high status product among the rich. The connoisseurs serve it only using the right glasses.